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Summer Classes Run for 6 weeks beginning July 9th



4:15-5:00pm      Beginner Acro     (grades 1-4)

4:15-5:00pm       Fun To Dance     (3-4 years old)

5:00-5:45pm       Intermediate Acro

5:00-5:45pm       Beginner Hip Hop (grades 1-4)

5:45-7:15pm       Int/Adv Ballet (C, D, E)

5:45-7:15pm       Intermediate Technique (9+ or By Invitation; Includes Mini and Intermediate Team)

7:15-8:45pm       Conditioning and Flexibility

7:15-8:00pm       Intermediate Hip Hop (grades 5+)

8:00-9:00pm       All Level Jazz



9:30-10:00am     Tiptoes for Two Year Olds

10:00-10:45am   Fun to Dance (3-6 years old)

4:30-5:30pm       Beg Ballet (A and B)

5:30-6:30pm       Contemporary/Modern

5:30-7:00pm       Dance Workshop

6:30-7:30pm       Int/Adv Jazz

7:30-8:30pm       All Level Tap



4:15-5:00pm       Fun to Dance (5-6 years old)

5:00-5:30pm       Tiptoes for Two Year Olds

5:30-7:00pm       All Level Ballet

7:00-8:45pm       Leaps and Turns



9:00-9:30am       Tiptoes for Two Year Olds

9:30-10:15am     Fun to Dance (3-6 years old)


Class Cards Available!

Summer Session Only

$18 per hour

$95 for 6 hours

$150 for 12 hours

$250 for unlimited classes


Families registering for multiple classes will receive a 5% discount per added class up to 20%


There is no registration fee for summer session!


Ask us about our Summer Zumba Schedule!!


Tiptoes: (walking-2 years)  The goal is to introduce children to music and movement through a structured progression that stresses creativity and group interaction. Themes will include colors, shapes, sizes, tempo and actions found in nature.  Class will  incorporate simple ballet vocabulary, various motor skills, obstacle course work, basic tumbling and stretching, dance and sing along fun and creative movement.   $50

Fun to Dance (3-6 years) Intended as an introduction to ballet and tap dancing. Creative movement, games and music will be incorporated to make learning dance FUN!! There will be basic movement vocabulary and short combinations taught during each class in both tap and ballet disciplines. Students will be taught the basic structure of dance class including work at the barre, movement across the floor and center combination $75


Dance Workshop  (Entering grades 1-5) Dancers  will explore a variety of dance and movement styles including ballet, jazz, acrobatics, hip hop, classic folk dances, musical theater and more. Concepts will include dance choreography, improvisation, proper stretching, techniques of each style, history, teamwork, acceptance, individuality... Dancers will learn a dance to perform at the end of the session. $125


Beginner Acro (5-10 years) This class will work with students on basic stretching skills and the fundamentals of tumbling and acrobatic movements. Each class will start with basic stretching to warm up the body, and then move through a series of combinations on the floor mats, wedges, balance beam, and other tumbling equipment. Students will focus on balance and body awareness while improving their strength and coordination. $75


Beginner Ballet (7+ year)  A great way to continue or build the foundation laid in Ballet A or B last season or for beginners to get a head start in the basics for next season.  Class will be structured as a typical ballet class with barre, center work and across the floor.  Dancers will work on increased body awareness, basic positions of the feet and arms, proper posture, placement and technique and putting together steps to create and remember combinations.  This is the perfect class for those looking to build a solid foundation and take their dancing to the next level.  $95


Intermediate Acro (7+ with prior Acro experience)  Focus on more advanced skills and tumbling.  Focus will be on strength and flexibility as well as proper form required to properly execute more advanced skills.  $75


Intermediate Technique (Jazz, Contemporary, flexibility, Conditioning and more)

For the intermediate dancer to further their technique, flexibility, extension, stamina and overall dancing.  Class will include center warm up, leaps, turns, combos across the floor and various choreography.  A fun way to stay in shape and get ahead over the summer.  $125


Hip Hop  (Beg 6-10, Int 10 +)  A high-energy class that uses the latest sounds in music together with movements influenced by some of today's hottest choreographers presented in an age appropriate manner.  Hip hop encompasses movement with elements of popping and locking and breaking as well as freestyle movement to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.  $75


 All Level Tap  (teen and adult) A fun mix of tap warm-up, technique and choreography to help all dancers beginner to advanced get the most out their class.  We will cover the basic tap steps and technique as well as learn some simple, fast paced to choreography to get a real tap dancing workout!!  (teen and adult)  $95

All Level Ballet (teen and adult) The perfect way to stay in shape and keep up on your technique over the summer.  Class will include a basic barre, center work and combinations across the floor.   Focus on proper alignment and building strength and flexibility.  We will incorporate some floor barre, yoga and pilates exercises and modern music to make our workout fun!  $95


All Level Jazz (teen and adult) A fun, upbeat and eclectic form of dance. Jazz relies on a dancer's classical training, yet pushes him/her to connect emotionally to music and movement. Classes teach basic jazz dance technique, terminology and movement quality with an emphasis on proper execution of jazz isolation, rhythms and style. Many different styles including Broadway, lyrical, traditional and modern jazz will be explored.  ​Great way to work on technique and flexibility and stay in shape throughout the summer! $95

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet and Jazz (ages 12+ or by instructor permission)

A ballet class for the more advanced dancer or a dancer looking to challenge themselves over the summer.  More intricate combinations and choreography, focus on proper technique, posture, placement and performance skills.  Each class will be structures with all of the major components of a technique class at the barre, in the center and across the floor.  This is the perfect class for you to perfect your fundamental technique for next season and strengthen your leaps, turns, and so much more!  $125


Summer Leaps and Turns and Summer Conditioning and Flexibility (Ages 12+ or by instructor permission) Stay in shape this summer or get ahead with the intensive technique class focused on flexibility, strength and proper technique.  Class will include work on ballet, modern, contemporary and jazz  technique, floor barre, leaps, jumps, turns, and more. There will also be practice in learning various types of choreography including jazz, ballet, contemporary and musical theater. $125


Modern and Contemporary (ages 12+ or by instructor permission) A fun and energetic class filled with classical modern technique as well as some of the newest and most innovative choreography and movement principles.  Explore the movement styles of some of the great choreographers of past and present and learn new choreography each week as well as explore movement through technique and improvisation.  Strongly recommended for any dancers interested in joining our intensive performance company in the fall as well as those who love to express themselves thru dance and movement.   $95




Kids will dance, craft, explore, create and most importantly HAVE FUN!  Join us for a full day of dance fun and learning.  Classes taught by our well qualified and experienced staff.  Lessons will include everything from basic locomotor skills, musicality, emotions, dynamics, dance positions, basics steps, flexibility, technique and so much more.  Perfect for both boys and girls.  We can’t wait to dance with your kids this summer!




WEDNESDAYS July 10th, July 17th , August 7th , August 14th


Ages 3+           9:00-11:45am              $30

All 4 Days $100


Ages 5-10        9:00am-3:30pm         $60

All 4 Days $200


Junior Teachers:

Ages 11-14      9:00am-3:30pm          $45

                        All 4 Days $150






An Extension of our single day program.  Each day will be themed to add more to the fun.  Activities include circus, tie-dye, parachute, dramatic arts, water play and more.  Each week will learn a dance and make their own dance music video at the end of the week complete with props, set and costumes.


Session A: July 22nd – July 26th  

Session B: July 29th – August 2nd

Session C: August 5th – August 9th

Session D: August 12th – August 16th  



Ages 3+          


Single Day       $30     

Single Week    $145

2 Weeks          $275

4 Weeks          $520


Ages 5-10       


Single Day       $60

Single Week    $275

2 Weeks          $520

4 Weeks          $990


Junior Teachers: Ages 11-15  


Single Day       $45     

Single Week    $175

2 Weeks          $200

4 Weeks          $375



Typical Camp Day Schedule

9:00-9:15am                       Arrival Game/Craft/Coloring/Movie

9:15-10:00am                     Dance Class

10:00-10:15am                   Snack

10:15-11:00                         Craft/Activity

11:00-11:45                         Dance Activity/Game/Obstacle Course

11:45am                               Half Day Kids go home

11:45am-12:15pm            Lunch

12:15-1:15pm                     Choreography Exploration

1:15-1:30pm                       Afternoon Break

1:30-2:30pm                       Outdoor Activity

2:30-3:15pm                       Dance Class

3:15-3:30pm                       Pack Up/Clean Up


TWO WEEK SUMMER INTENSIVE                                 

We believe the discipline of dance training gives young people a better understanding of commitment by offering them the chance to learn, experience the spirit of teamwork, and understand what hard work can accomplish.  Our goal is to educate the minds, bodies, and souls of our students, to teach them the skills needed for a successful life, if they stay involved in dance or pursue other things.  Classes will include Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, modern, composition, Conditioning, Improvisation, Choreography, Nutrition, Team building, yoga, aerial fitness and meditation taught by our qualified staff as well as guest speakers and   instructors.  We will also rehearse performance pieces for community events in the late summer and early fall.  This intensive is mandatory for any dancer joining our Intensive Dance Performance Company for the 2018/2019 season but is also great for dancers who want to explore their passion or improve their technique!  Choreography for next year’s season will be done during intensive in order to keep technique class time free during the year.


 2 weeks:  Monday –Friday August  5th-16th All dancers receive a MAD summer dance t-shirt and pizza party.                                                                      


Minis:              Ages 6-8 9:00am-11:45am     $350

Petites/Int:     Ages 9-11 9:00am-1:45pm     $575                                       

Jr/Sr:               Ages 12+: 9:00am-3:30pm     $725


Tuition for the Two Week INTENSIVE includes unlimited summer dance classes!

Summer Dance


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